Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order?

Orders may only be processed through our online checkout. If someone is trying to persuade you to place an order via Skype, E-mail, or any other means of communication, they are attempting to scam you.

Do you accept orders per e-mail?

No, we do not accept regular orders per e-mail. Only via site checkout. If you would like to place an order via WU, we can discuss over email and only accept few WU orders.

Is it safe to order through the site?

Our site is located on our own secure server. We have own team of programmers and security specialists. Everything is hosted offshore with great physical security as well.

Do you deliver to the USA from your international section?

You bet your ass we do! International means that your order will be shipped from our warehouse in China. It takes longer (2-4 weeks), but prices are lower compared to US domestic warehouse,. If you need fast delivery you need to choose the US domestic section. In this case your order will be shipped from within the USA. Delivery time 2-6 days.

Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order is $100.

Which payment options are available in your store?

The most preferable and fastest payment way is cryptocurrency. We accept bitcoin (BTC), but will expand your other cryptocurrencies in the future. If you pay with cryptoccurency, your orders are confirmed within a couple of hours, which ensures fastest processing speed.

Is payment through PayPal available?

No, we never accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or any other payment like the above.

I paid through Western Union to the name received immediately after i placed my order. Later I checked the payment data and the name changed. Is it ok?

Yes, this is ok. We change names all the time to avoid blocking of our receivers by Western Union. Your payment will be picked up and you don`t need to resend your payment to the new name.

My order is seized. Can you refund my money?

We do not issue refunds even if you: a) you paid for your order, but changed your mind b) your order has been seized or lost, damaged, etc. In this case we will reship it for the second time (but only once!) and in a discreet way to reduce any possible seizure risks.

My international order is sezied. May I get store credit in the domestic section rather than a reship?

No.. We do not do this. Reshipping always occurs from the warehouse, where the original order was placed from.

Western Union blocked my payment. What shall I do?

Unfortunately such things happen. You can take your money back and resend payment via a different payment method. IMPORTANT: Using Western Union and other similar services as payment way you shall use your real name and ID information to be sure you will be able to withdraw your funds in case of any issues. Otherwise we take no responsibility for loss of your funds.

Where do you ship from?

This is solely dependent on if you order from a Domestic or International store.

How much time does delivery take?

For the Domestic warehouse: 2-6 days Turkish Pharma: 5-7 days on average International: 3-4 weeks on average Differences in shipping time are not dependent on us, but are due to different factors such as your location, postal service efficiency, custom clearance, etc. Because of these reasons delivery can take longer in particular cases. Please notice, the given times do not include time needed to check your payment. If you pay not by cryptocurrency, it may take a few extra days to pick up your payment.

How much does shipping cost?

For the International warehouse: $50 flat rate to any country regardless of its location For the Domestic section: $15 flat rate for standard shipping Turkish Pharma: $35 If you order from multiple locations, you will pay a shipping charge for each location.

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